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A Possible One-Stop Location For All Your Marketing Requirements Including Research.

If you are an individual, group, band, or business, Clear And Graphic is here to assist you to in bringing your interests to best public attention. We present numerous useful options to choose from, to suit many requirements. One or a combination of our available services can help you greater head in the direction you wish to be going.

Why Marketing Online Is Important!

An online location has become a basic requirement for most SME’s, charities, education establishments, performance acts, comedians, DJ’s and bands, etc. Basic internet fact today is, if you don’t look to manage your internet presence, others will. Your clients and potential customers are right now online, social media talking and they can raise what you are involved in, by good word or bad. Social media has the ability to share such words and often additional graphics very fast. All this can be customer influential.

Location shooting

Require an experienced photographer for your internal or external locations? Your search has ended. Clear And Graphic is able to assist you. Click Here.

Marketing at national and local level.

Are you a business, charity, entertainment service provider or individual that needs to learn how to market yourself, your enterprise, etc, but do not know where to start and with what? Clear And Graphic can give you the specific lessons you need to increase numbers in many ways – not just financial one directly but also indirectly through increasing media exposure to the public, business to business or interactions with each.

Additional services

Don't be All at sea

Define. Show. Grow.

More can be said and a mood imposed in quicker time through the use of graphics than any text alone. Use better images to your best advantage.

The use of video presentations in the world of marketing is a superior method to getting one’s message out. What is stopping you today!

It’s entirely possible for people to learn more by allowing Clear And Graphic to raise greater awareness and knowledge levels. It’s what we do.

About C&G

Founded by Jeff Rudd, Drogheda, Ireland.

An expert in Marketing, Information Technology,  hardware and software installation and development, digital media management and much more.

Clear And Graphic is about getting your message, your desires to expand, your wish to go in a better beneficial direction and more, all to the advantage of yourself, your project, your skills, your wish to show the world that you can challenge and overcome.


Merry Christmas to one and all. Many the coming year be a better one than the previous.
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