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Consultancy Service.

When it comes to Information technology and many aspects surrounding it, Clear And Graphic is able to step up and give great assistance.

Stuck on what sort of software or hardware to use? What is currently the trend in certain areas? What sectors of I.T. are declining? What are the current pro's and cons of considered time and possible financial investment? All these questions and more can be answered by contacting Clear And Graphic.

Given your specialised role, are you stuck on what way to market yourself or your enterprise? Do you wonder what are the do's and don't of something you are considering? Is there any other additional factors that you know might exist but that you feel you are unaware of? Clear And Graphic is here to put you at your ease.

We can give you on-site assistance, followed up by further detailed reports, to give you all the help not just that you need - but more - to give you that extra edge against today's competitors.

Ergonomic Factors.

Clear And Graphic is able to go further. We can offer ergonomic advice that is much needed today. Be it a working or leisure environment, a public walk through area or your own private domain, Clear And Graphic can step in to make sure the environment you want at its best, to produce the top results, comes about.

Ergonomics involves looking at the type of actions or work you are or will be doing, what tools you use and the work environment. We look at everything from the space you occupy - getting best 'bang for your buck', the lighting scenario's, the furniture that is good or bad, to the daily additional equipment surrounding the area you wish to have at its very best.

Typical examples of more simple ergonomic changes you might need, sometimes are

  • Adjusting a position of I.T. equipment and their attachments¬† to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Ensuring the height of a desk chair allows people's feet to rest flat on floor (thus preventing further stress being put on other body points)
  • Learning the right way to lift heavy objects to prevent further back injuries - short or long term
  • Using handle coatings or special gloves to suppress vibrations from power tools
  • The adoption of anti-static methods to reduce or cut out risk factors to people and/or equipment.
  • The further introduction of diffused lighting in areas that are more and longer occupied by people.

No matter what the job or role is, Clear And Graphic's aim is to make sure that you are safe, comfortable, and less prone to injuries and disadvantages.


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