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Clear And Graphic is delighted to be able bring many areas of  Information Technology, to a wide number of people. Regardless of age or previous education background, its entirely possible for people to learn more by allowing Clear And Graphic to raise awareness and knowledge levels.

A teacher can have all the knowledge in the world - however, this is no goof to them if they cannot best communicate what they know. Clear And Graphic prides itself on having some great communicators of knowledge. Using an essential ability to quickly assess an individual or group, individual sessions and related supplied material, can be far quicker communicated across at a level that is appropriate to those wishing to further themselves.

Clear And Graphic talks to students, not down to them!

Clear And Graphic teaching

We cater to general topics within the field of I.T. or at your request, we can bring a more specialised topic to your intended targeted sector. It is a skill in itself, to be able to take a topic and break it down into easy manageable and understandable sections appropriate to available time factors. Clear and Graphic is very well able to do this.

Many of our students have previously fond that once they learn a particular item, not only is the knowledge useful to them but its inspires a further increased confidence, to often try learning more. An additional capacity to learn a subject, some previously had thought not possible - but discovering it was - has often helped to open up further 'doors' for individuals and team groups. One should never under estimate the power of further education.


It is far easier to teach any topic when the student is more engaged with the teacher. This is why Clear And Graphic considers it very important that any material brought to the attention of a student, is not only engaging and fun but also realistic to their every day lives.

Exposing to them the advantages of the material they are further investigating, they are more likely to reciprocate  to a teacher or lecturer, with a further evident hunger to gain more knowledge.

We all know from life experiences, what it is to sit through something that we are not really interested in. If we cannot relate to the matter, the likelihood is that it would be much harder to learn it further. When we are disenfranchised from something, a strong mental 'drive' is usually not there, to urge us onward. Knowing this and how to overcome such a situation, is part and parcel of the skill Clear And Graphic is able to bring to any further teaching situation.

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